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When you sit back and look at the books on a shelf, what do you see? Bookends or each side of the book shelf supporting the books upright. If they didn't have the bookends or shelf ends to support the books, then they would all fall like domino's. One book sliding down the next, in a uniform fashion. In between the bookends are well-lived lives and well- told stories. Jesus is the very one who wrote my story, how about yours?

That's what the Lord is to me. Bookends. He is the start and finish of my life, and the Beginning and End to my everyday. Without His support, I would fall just like those books. The name of my blog is bookends just for that reason. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. 



Entirely Grace...

A new frontier, literally!

I have come along way in trusting the Lord since those days in my 30's in North Carolina. Leaning on Him to show me His purpose and plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11), has been quite the journey. Every single time I have said "I'm not going to do this or that" guess what, God wins and I end up doing the very thing I said I would never do... Never say never, right?!  I said, I would never live back in Wyoming, my birth state. I said, I gave up never having the chance to marry my childhood friend and crush. I was also told by Doctors that I would never have children. Well, guess what, I live in Wyoming and I've been married to that childhood friend and crush for 11 years now , his name is Amos. We have two beautiful children together, Faith and Matthew. This was definitely a God thing!! I still don't know what plans and purpose's the Lord has for me, but I think as long as we stay faithful to the Lord and stay in the Word, the Lord shows us along the way...step by little step. 

Scripture to meditate on;

Psalms 37:4

2 Corinthians 5:7

Proverbs 3:5-6

Matthew 7:13-14

Psalms 119:10

Psalms 119:116

The 50/50'er

Have you ever met that one person (or several in my case) that you think, Wow, what a great Christian, they have it so together! Then, later you see the exact opposite behavior from that same person? Lately, I have come across this quite often. When I see them in their "Christian state" I think maybe we could do a Bible study together, that would be so fun! Until....the deer in the headlights look comes across their face, and I start hearing crickets in the background. Umm.... guess not!? Then the ahhh moment when you see their true identity of the "not so Christian state", then it all comes together in my mind, they are "The 50/50'er. The person who grew up going to church and knows its the "right" thing to do, but then the other side of the "right thing" comes out to play. There is no depth to their relationship with the Lord, just a surface cover. It looks good to others and the community. It gives off a false sense of the person.

Behavior like this is either people trying to appease their family and some friends and or appease themselves into justification for those actions. When you live, basically a double life, it sends a wrong message of who you are and what you truly believe. Ask yourself, am I a 50/50'er? What message am I sending out? If you even have to wonder if this is you, then more than likely, it is. It's never to late to make a choice to either be all in for Christ and live for Him or not. Life has a lot of gray areas, but this choice is very black and white. Living for the Lord doesn't have to be this boring, uneventful, unfulfilling life some people think it is. It's all in what you make of it, just like anything. Go to your quiet place and have a deep conversation with yourself and the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.  Proverbs 3:5-6 , Romans 8:28, Proverbs 16:9, Psalms 1:1-6



Walk YOUR Walk, NOT Their Walk!

Jeremiah 29:11-13      Romans 8:28

Psalms 37:4

In all the time I was finding my way back to the Lord, I still felt lost, even though I knew I had the Lord. I was going through  the motions and then when I met my friends at Calvary Baptist, I started to realize a few things. I realized that I was starting to have my own relationship with way. Not my Grandparent's, or my parent's, or anyone else's but mine. It was that moment when I realized, everything fit into place. The amount of closeness I felt to the Lord was amazing and undeniable. My walk with the Lord became personal, and tailor made to me, for me. 

When you don't feel the "click" with the Lord, that's not time to tuck tail and bail, it's time to seek the Lord on a deeper level. Find Him for yourself and nobody else (2 Corinthians 5:7). Make sure He is in your heart as your personal Lord and Savior. Romans 10:9-10 Then find a Bible Study and get into the Word and find solid Christian friends to fellowship with, and a good church family. Trusting God to lead you and keeping your eyes on Him is half the battle, staying connected with Him is up to you. Trust me when I tell you, it's all so incredibly worth it!!


Uncertain times!? Really!?

Since Covid-19 struck our world, I have heard so many people say that we live in such uncertain times. But is it uncertain? God has given us an owners manual to mankind called the Holy Bible. In the Bible there is only certainty. The Bible has everything that will be happening to this world and mankind in it. It spoke about the very beginning of our existence in Genesis, and also the end in Revelations, and of course everything in between. So as a Christian, why fear (Isaiah 41:10). Time's aren't uncertain, just uncertain times of when....there is a difference. God's timing is different than our timing, so "when" is the only uncertain time. God's timing is always perfect! 



Acts 1:7

Psalms 37:7                                                    Ecclesiastes 3:11

Lamentations 3:25-26


The "PTA" kind of Mom

Seriously though! The whole time my sister and I were growing up, we vowed to never become the "PTA" kind of Mom. You know the type..... the one who always springs into action for bake sales, car pools, volunteering for anything and everything. The over achiever Mom who has somehow carved out extra time in her day to preform above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of the kids.... and not even her kids, the whole class or school! I'm lucky if I get my kids dressed for the day. My kids live in their pajamas which I like to lovingly call them "lounge wear". My kids even play in thus lounge wear. Although I homeschool, I found the other day in a lone trip to the grocery store, that even in the homeschool world, there is in fact a form of the "PTA" kind  of Mom. I also realized that, I am not this person. Never have been, never will be. Now, I'm not saying that being that kind of person is a bad thing, it's just a bit overwhelming for this "out going" person. 

Although I'm not that kind of person or parent, I have come to realize that we do indeed need these types of people in the world. If everyone was like me, then nothing would get done, or well, like those kind of  "PTA" kinda people. They help push us other folks to move and get er' done! We all have special gifts that the Lord gives us. The "PTA" parents have the gift of service. I also have this gift, however, it's "preformed"  differently. Along with gift comes blessings. Using your spiritual  gifts are a wonderful thing, however, don't allow them to be a door mat for others to take advantage of....because unfortunately they will. Some folks don't realize they are and you just have to lean on  the Lord to lead you. Your discernment will be a guide for that. Spiritual gifts are a wonderful thing but not everyone has the same gifts and some people don't even know what their gifts are. Below is a link that you can click to take a spiritual gift test. There are also many books out there that can help you figure out what your gifts are. Spiritual gift s aren't just for Pastors or leaders but are for all believers.         1 Corinthian 12:1-7

Spiritual gifts test;


Grace & Mercy~

I admit, I bailed out...I left my blog hanging out there without a word. Let me be candid here, I was going through some issues with my husband, and things weren't going well at all. I felt as though I was a hypocrite...a liar! I thought that if I was having problems, even after all that I had shared on here, I wasn't worthy of sharing anymore. I was ashamed of myself and what was happening with me...with us. 

It's true, life isn't always easy, unbelievers think us Christian's have no worries or problems, life is grand. Soooo not even true! Sometimes, I feel like I cant even catch a break.  Kids, jobs, money, time etc.... Satan can really use these things to wreak havoc on your life if you let it, and we did. 

Since all the pain, frustration and the beginning of our healing, my husband encouraged me

to continue writing this blog. He reminded me what this blog was all about, and that other's need to see transparency to see and understand  real life as a true Christian. The good, and bad and how we or I handle it. If I'm being honest, I didn't handle it well at all....that's the bad. The wonderful thing here is, there's always room for the good. The Lord gives us so much grace and  mercy, that we have time to change things and make it right. With His help, ALL things are possible (Matthew 19:26)!! In my flesh, I forget this. As I have said before in this blog, I am not perfect and never will be...but I am saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8), therefore I give grace. However, this time, I was the one who needed a big dose of grace and mercy.


Ephesians 2:4

Hebrews 4:16

1 Corinthians 15:10

2 Timothy 2:1

With all this being said my friends, my apologies for leaving you hanging without a word. I won't do that again. If I take a break, I will let you know. Thank you for all your support and I do ask, please pray for we heal and for this blog to be a blessing for others.  


John 3:16...Are YOU ready for eternity?


January 9, I lost my cousin. I was extremely close to my cousin Chris. This is going to be a very hard and emotional post for me to write. You see, as a believer you know what it takes to go to heaven, and when a loved one passes and you're not sure that your loved one had salvation, this literally breaks your heart! My cousin Chris was taught about the word of God from his Dad's side (my family side) and what it means to be a believer in Christ, but unfortunately, Chris didn't live that way. Chris lived the life of the native American beliefs instilled by his mother.  Chris and his brothers lived in two very different worlds from to very different parents. Chris's Dad was a Christian Pastor and his Mom was native American. The two beliefs couldn't be more different. Chris and his brother's chose the native American ways. Chris's brother Joey is also deceased and the same concern is for him as well. With this being said, I'm going to be VERY honest here... There is only one way to heaven and that is to ask the Lord into your heart as your personal Lord and savior. If this has not been done, there is NO SALVATION and therefore you will  not be going to heaven. My apologies for my bluntness, but this subject is continually being sugar coated by not just  society  but people of faith too. I get, we love our loved ones and we want to believe they have gone to "a better place". Unfortunately,  this just isn't truth. It says plain as day, in the word what needs to take place to go to heaven. A lot of times, things can dramatically change leading up to end of life, where people can call out to the Lord, quite literally before passing and be saved....and we may not know this until we get to heaven. But, there is also the deaths that are sudden or under other circumstances, that by the lives lead and where no spiritual fruit  has grown, we can know, that there will be no heaven for the one who has not received the Lord into their heart. Only the Lord truly knows the condition of our hearts, but make no mistake, it really doesn't matter how good of a person you are, if you have not said the sinners prayer or even asked the Lord into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior, You will live a life in damnation. If you can believe in heaven folks, then you can be assured that there is also a hell. Nobody wants to see or believe a loved one has gone to hell, but like all things, there will be consequences to our actions, if we don't  repent and turn our lives over to the Lord.  My cousins didn't live for the Lord or repent, they showed no fruit and both were abruptly taken. As much as I adored and loved (and still do) my cousins, I don't hold onto false hope of ever seeing them again, and this will forever break my heart as it also breaks the Lords heart as well. The Lord gives a choice to either follow and serve him, or not, simple as that. Again, this is God's honest truth (quite literally). As I said before, this is a very raw emotional post, that is so very hard for me. So with all this being said, go and be a witness to others and make sure you, yourself is saved. 


*Below I will post John 3:16 for those of you that don't know it or don't have a Bible, I will also post the sinners prayer if you want to pray and receive Christ as your savior. Saying this prayer doesn't have to be formal, it can be just you and the Lord alone. If you have questions or prayer, send me an email or message. 

What is Fruit of the Spirit?

The fruit of the spirit is this....

Love- Mark 12:30-31 &

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Joy- Psalms 16:11

Peace- Isaiah 26:3-4

Gentleness- Proverbs 31:26 & 

1 Peter 3:4

Goodness- Psalms 107:9

Faithfulness- Matthew 17:20-21 & Matthew 25:21

Kindness- Ephesians 4:32

Goodness-Ephesians 2:10

Patience- Psalms 37:5-7

Self-Control- 1 Corinthians 9:25 &

2 Timothy 1:7

The Lord said, "You will know them by their fruit". Matthew 7:16 NIV

As Christians we need to be always growing, learning and sharing the fruit of our spirit as the Lord our God commands us to do. Chapter 7  of Matthew is a very powerful, straight forward chapter, however, it is widely misused by many people. "  Over the years the whole "Judge not or ye shall be judged"  has been used over and over again, and not in the right way, but to merely justify ones own words  and or actions. BUT, can we judge?  If I profess to be a Christian and I'm not showing "fruit", and my actions are in the wrong, then you better believe another Christian can pass judgment on you.... that is, IF they are producing fruit, because we do not want to be a hypocrite either (refer to the 50/50er post above). It says in verse 4, "How can you say to your brother," Let me take the spec out of your eye, when all the while you have a plank in your own eye? "Another way to look at this is, as Christians, we need to hold each other accountable for our actions. Accountability  is key in helping each other grow and  stand firm in our Christian walk with the Lord.

Now if there is someone who has no idea who the Lord is, and isn't professing anything, then of course, refer to the above fruit. Show them kindness, patience and love, because they don't know and shouldn't be judged on something they don't know or understand. This is where being a witness to others comes in....but that's a whole other topic for another post. 

Below is Matthew Chapter 7 in it's entirety ( you will need to scroll down to see the whole thing). So before you go quote that scripture, really check yourself, and see if you are using and quoting it the way the Lord intended. 

*Note: For those who aren't that familiar with scripture , when something in the Bible is written in red text, that is because it is the words of our Lord.